Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, I hope you found time to gather with family and friends, enjoy memories of times gone by and create ones to remember in the future.  I spent the day with grandchildren…..many memories in the making!!

In a few short days, 2017 will be upon us.  For many, New Year marks a new beginning.  A time we reflect on the past and make resolutions for the upcoming year.  What will it mean for you?  Resolutions can take many forms.  


Are you ready? The last big week!  This is it! 

This week we will hear one phrase more often than any other.  Do you know what it is??????  “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”  While reading, I found a few things that peaked my interest and I wanted to share them with you as we move into the week.  Let’s start with the greeting…Happy Holidays!

In a 2013 blog, Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas: The Last Thing That Ever Needs To Be Said About It, Huffington Post editor, Paul Raushenbush provides us with, “a primer to help all of us just “get along’ during this holiday season.  


The weather has certainly turned seasonal.  Are you beginning to get that Holiday Mindset?

The past two readings have examined the ideas of Authenticity and Mindset.  Last week we considered the concept of Innovative Mindset (How Do you Respond to a New Idea).  As you may recall, the authors cite four factors as contributing to an Innovation Mindset ; Curiosity, Ambiguity/Tolerance, Affirmative Judgement and Persistence. A powerful sentence concludes the article, “Innovation (within an organizational structure) doesn’t happen without leadership!”…


A number of years ago I was introduced to the work of Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck and her book, Mindset.  She defines “Mindsets” as “beliefs” about yourself and your most basic qualities, which can include intelligence, talents, personality, etc.  The fundamental question posed is, “Are these qualities simply fixed traits, carved in stone, or are they things you can cultivate throughout your life?”  Dweck proposes that the answer is self- driven depending on your mindset.  In her book she examined two mindsets; Fixed and Growth
Those with a “Fixed Mindset” believe their traits are given or have been fully developed.  …


Good afternoon!

Like so many others, I ventured out this weekend to begin my holiday shopping.   OK, I didn’t really shop, I simply enjoyed going out, grabbing a cup of coffee, walking in West Reading and watching others get into the bargains.  As I was going through one store I overheard a conversation between a salesperson and a potential customer.  She was making a full-blown pitch for a particular item because it was “authentic”; “You really want this one, it’s not one of the knock-offs or look-alikes seen on-line and in other stores.