The Hum of Happiness

“Maybe happiness is neither ahead of us or behind us.
Maybe it somewhere in between;
right in the midst of this moment, here and now!”

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”  Do you remember that little tune?  I think I first heard it at a summer camp.  While the memory of when and where is distant, my reasons to be clapping have significantly increased over the past few months.  Likewise, my understanding of happiness has shifted and much of what I once took for granted now brings me a sense of happiness. 

A Name on a Highway

“Greater love hath no man than this.
That a man lay down his life for his friends.”

                                                                                                  -John 15:13

Sgt. William V. Fernandez 37, of Reading, PA, assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, Philadelphia, Pa., was killed Sep. 19, 2005 when an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated near his vehicle during patrol operations in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.  He was survived by his wife Jennifer and step-daughter Elizabeth.  Sgt. Fernandez was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. 

May the Force Be With You

There are three ways to ultimate success.
The first way is to be kind.
The second way is to be kind
The third way is to be kind.”

– Fred Rogers

STOP!  Before you read another word, go stand in front of a mirror and say, “Kindness”.  Did you see it?  If not, do it again.  I know you saw it the second time; the smile that appeared on your face when you said the word.  We unconsciously smile when we say the word, “Kindness”. 

Seven at Seventy


Reflection is taking the time to look back,
so that the view looking forward is even clearer!

Last Wednesday my life moved into its eighth decade; I turned 70 and ironically woke-up at exactly 7:00 AM.  It was a good day filled with well-wishes, lunch with some very special people, and a round of golf.  Late that evening I sat by the firepit and had a birthday drink with my Dad.  As usual, he listened without comment as I recounted the day’s activities, but I also shared some other thoughts that I’ve been wrestling with over the past few weeks. 

Lesson Learned


Life doesn’t come with a manual,
it comes with a mother!

It’s been almost six years since she left this life to be reunited with her Harry.  I imagine they spend their days playing tennis and getting together with friends.  On occasion she joins my Dad and me as we sit on the deck late into the night and enjoy a bourbon.  Mom prefers a red cabernet, and like him, she simply listens as I share my thoughts, disappointments and aspirations. …