What is the most precious commodity we have?  TIME!  How often have you wished to have:

  • just a few more minutes to sleep in the morning?
  • an extra few hours in the day to get it all done?
  • an extra day to finalize everything before that event?
  • more TIME to spend with the family or that special someone?

The bigger question is, how do we use the TIME we have?  Are we making the most effective use of that which is available to us?  Equally important, do we consciously reflect on how our TIME has been utilized and adjust accordingly?

Mitch Harper considers that question in his post, The Success Habit I Wish I Knew 18 Years Ago. He challenges us with a lead-off statement, “Most people live in a reactive state!”  Within the article he develops the idea of actually scheduling some TIME each week to think about what we are doing, our relationships, or new ideas.  I think of it as “Planning TIME”.  Remember, it isn’t a daily activity and it doesn’t have to happen during the workday.  I’ve incorporated it into a one hour walk I take either early in the morning or after dinner.  No music, no conversation, just me, my thoughts and something with which to record them…..and it’s healthy too!

The ideas of TIME and productivity are also examined in Naomi Taylor’s Lifehack blog, “Always Feel You Don’t Have Enough TIME?  You Need to Understand Yourself First”.  Recognizing that feeling pressed for TIME is a common issue, she shares two proven productivity techniques that begin with a self-analysis by asking yourself when am I most energized? enthusiastic? creative?

A parting idea…..I just got back from visiting the grandchildren and spending some quality TIME with them. I returned with the intent on sending this out immediately, but thought, “Why not end with something that considers how we use our own TIME.  I opened Flipboard and this was the first article on the main page, “ How to Stop Wasting TIME & Living Your Life”   Written by Matt Prior, an adventurer and former British Royal Air Force aviator he leads with an interesting “ vimeo” that is embedded in the second paragraph, “What if Money was no Object” by Alan Watts.  Watts asks some interesting questions!  Later in the blog, Prior challenges us to,  take control of your own schedule as much as possible, learn to say no where appropriate and pay close attention to what makes you happy.”  I like that last part… close attention to what makes you happy.  I call it grandchildren!  Have a great week, and Embrace the Challenge,