Good afternoon!  I don’t normally share till Sunday afternoon, but this is timely……..

Earlier today I stopped by a coffee shop near my home.  It’s a small business in the community where I live.  There were about eight to ten people just sitting and discussing the outcome of the election.  This was not a planned meeting, but simply a discussion among those who happened to be grabbing a cup of coffee.   I knew some of them and met others for the first time.  It was evident that the group included Trump and Clinton supporters.  The discussion was civil and pleasant, but It became evident that many on both sides are troubled over the election outcome and where the country will go from here.  After 20 minutes or so the conversation ended with smiles and handshakes.  What struck me was the comment of an elderly woman as she left.  She turned and said,  “Thanks! I just needed somebody to listen. Have faith everyone, we’ll get through this together.  We always have.”  With that she was gone.  

About an hour ago I came across another article by Tanveer Naseer.   It made me think of my morning.  Over the next few days, I imagine you may find yourself engaged in a similar discussion.  A line from the article jumps at me, “….empathy in leadership is about listening and understanding the needs of everyone you serve.”  I wanted to share it with you.

“Have faith, we’ll get through this together.  We always have!”,