The Resiliency Grit Development Challenge – Day 12 – Get Over It!

The Idea

Resiliency and Grit are learned behaviors that enable us to not only survive, but thrive in the face of adversity.  This is your 12th of 14 daily messages, each containing an exercise designed to strengthen your development of these two key skills.  Keep a journal, record your reflections and chronicle your growth.

Exercise #12

When I was in high school, I joined the track team.  I was not a speedster, but I enjoyed running, so I became one of those distance runner who continually ran around the track all practice.  You know who I admired?  The hurdlers!  They had the toughest race and were often the toughest guys on the team.  Why?  They had multiple obstacles they needed to overcome to finish, let alone win, their race.  One mis-step could spell disaster and injury; yet they persevered.

Life is no different.  We all have obstacles that we need to get past.  Some days there are more than others, but with grit and fortitude we move forward.  However, overcoming an obstacle doesn’t just happen.  It takes thought and planning.  Like the hurdle that confronts the runner, we have to, “get over it” .  Here are six strategies that will help:

  1. Adjust Your Attitude –  Our perceptions  impact how we move forward.  If you see obstacles as a sign of probable failure, you’ll feel overwhelmed with negative emotions when you face any type of challenge.  Rather, seek the opportunities, identify what is to be gained an approach the challenge with a “Can do!” attitude.
  2. Take Some Time – When you hit an obstacle, don’t panic.  Give yourself time to process the situation and come to terms with the challenge.  Identify what is challenging you.  Get specific about your goals, what is keeping you from meeting them, and develop a plan for moving forward.
  3. Break Down – Break down your obstacles into small manageable parts. Identify every potential obstacle and consider potential alternate paths to reaching your goal.
  4. Commit – You’ve identified new paths to be travelled, now do it.  If you want different results you must commit to doing things differently.  Having a true sense of commitment is about focusing solely on your goal, regardless of external factors.  Make the challenge your priority until it’s no longer an issue.
  5. Use Your Support System – When you’re facing an obstacle, use your support system. Don’t try to figure it out alone. Surround yourself with positive, objective, and solution-focused people.
  6. Maintain – Maintain your motivation!  Track your progress, reward yourself for small wins, and visualize achievement.  Remember, your enthusiasm for overcoming obstacles is what will keep you going when times get rough. 

Our lives are filled with obstacles.  To live an exceptional life  focus on the finish line and embrace the opportunities presented each day.

Embrace the Challenge!