A Better Version

My mission?  Being myself.  Helping others.
Becoming a better version of myself!

The other evening I received a software update for my iPhone.  Version 14.4.1 was now available and installation would provide me with important security updates.  Likewise a recent update for my watch (os 7.3.2) addressed memory corruption issues with improved validation (I wish the same update was available in a pill form, as my memory corruption issues seem to be more frequent with each passing birthday.).  Like so many other businesses, Apple recognizes that in order to keep its market share, their products must be in a state of continuous improvement.   And while there is something to be said for the comfort that comes with that which is tried and true, conditions change and updating software, strategy, procedures,etc. becomes an absolute necessity.  So when did you do your last update?  When was Version 2.0 of you released?

If you think about it for a minute, it makes sense.  Updated versions are usually released in response to one of two things; either a problem was discovered with the existing one, or conditions have changed and an update is necessary for product viability.  Are we really any different?  While most of us would like to think that we are problem-free, that the current model is “state of the art”, reality tells us otherwise.  Likewise, the world around us is changing.  While many of our attributes will continue to serve us well, others can be tweaked or updated to serve ourselves and others even better.  In doing so, a better version of yourself emerges!

Where do we start?  What becomes the focal point for our efforts? For me, there are three; Faith, Family, Friends:

  • Faith – Regardless of the faith that guides your life, or even if you are agnostic, there is a question with which we all wrestle, “Why am I here?  What is my purpose in life?  For me the answer is simple, to serve others.  So the better version asks, how can I better serve my faith, how can I better let my actions better reflect the teachings of my religion, how can I live a purposeful life?  I like to say my faith is my compass.  Perhaps the updated version will give my life a better direction.
  • Family – My family is my strength.  Family is a broad term.  For many it is primarily considered from the biological perspective, but in today’s world it has much broader meaning. Regardless, it is those we consider family to whom we first turn in times of crisis, and likewise it is those we consider as family who quickly come to our aid in times of need.  Like everything else, the needs of families change. While the core values that guide my role as a husband, father and brother remain solid, my experiences in those roles have served to let a new and better version emerge.  I need only ask myself, what have I learned and how can I be a better husband, a better father, a better brother, a better member of this family?  How can my actions serve to strengthen my family even more?
  • Friends – I once read, “Good friends help you find things when you lose them; your smile, your hope and your courage.”  The past year has been a testament to this phrase.  Perhaps the better version of me simply asks, how can I share their burden?  The answer is simple, by maintaining presence.  We let our friends know we are thinking of them, we reach out with both good and bad news, we laugh, we commiserate, we share.  Our better version recognizes that true friendship is perhaps one the greatest gifts we can receive, and we then reciprocate accordingly.

Sometime next week, one of my devices will remind me that another software update is available.  It will be a new and better version.  Hopefully the same will be true of me!

Embrace the Challenge !