Do you remember these lyrics?,

“Oh, put me in coach, I’m ready to play today,

Oh, put me in coach, I’m ready to play today. 

Look at me I can be centerfield!”

They are from John Fogerty’s 1985 hit, “Centerfield”.  How many of us remember a great coach that served to inspire and help us grow.  The “coach” could have been associated with a particular sport, talent, or academic pursuit.  “Coach” initially helped us to develop a skill.  As we gained confidence he/she helped us begin the fine-tuning process that took the skill to another level.  Usually at this point someone with “credentials” assumed the coaching role.  Not only could they refine and improve our skills, but they taught us to begin the self-reflection process that enabled achievement at a higher level. Equally important they understood how to “get in our heads”  They helped us realize that our mental preparation for a competition was as important as our skill preparation. 

Here’s my question:  If we know the value of coaching, why do so many of us abandon the practice as we move into our respective careers?  We expect a professional athlete, musician, vocalist, actor or actress to routinely work with a coach, but why not our physician, lawyer, financial advisor, child’s teacher, or someone else from whom we receive services?  Why don’t we get coached?  There is more than adequate research to demonstrate that there are dividends derived from being coached.  So let’s get started and consider some of the benefits.

Jessica Zemble, provides some guidance in our selection of a coach in her Inc.Life Post, “10 Questions for Picking Your Perfect Life Coach”.  She begins with a powerful statement regarding the value of coaching, “Life coaching can be one of the best investments in your life. The best coaches will provide you with a framework and safe environment to explore your biggest fears and assist you in manifesting your dreams. They will help you move through your fears. They will support you in taking leaps of faith to build a bigger, brighter future.”  Her post suggests 10 considerations to be made when selecting a coach:

1 What is it I want to accomplish?

2 What kind of coach do I need?

3 How much am I willing to invest?

4 Should my coaching be structured or customized?

5 What results has the coach achieved with other clients?

6 What results have they achieved in their own life?

7 Is the coach giving advise or leading you to self-realization?

8 Do you have a chemistry with the coach?

9 Does the coach have a coach?

10 What does my heart tell me?

So now we know what to look for, what are the benefits?

Ravi Raman continues our coaching journey by addressing what he refers to as, 10 Benefits of Coaching Everyone Should Know About”   Raman contends that beyond the obvious benefit of improved performance and ROI, there are other significant benefits to be gained thrrugh the coaching process including:

1 Discovering our blind spots – Coaching helps us see the unknown aspects of our career, business or lifestyle that are holding us back.

2 Overcoming procrastination – Coaching lets us develop an awareness between what we are doing and what we should be doing.

3 Accountability – Coaching gives us a built in accountability-partner to help us stay honest in the pursuit of our goals.

4 Purpose-Driven GoalsThe best goals aren’t just flashy and noteworthy; they connect with a deeper purpose!

5 Proven Strategies – Coaching will provide exposure to a large number of strategies that can be applied to create results in many aspects of your career and lifestyle.

6 Increased Productivity – Coaching has been shown again and again to result in increased productivity.

7 Clarity of Your Values – Coaching will help you identify your values and make sure you work and actions are supporting them to the fullest extent.

8 Erase Limiting Beliefs – Coaching is vital in identifying and changing negative belief patterns.

9 Skills Development – Coaching helps you in identifying the industry leading experts and resources that can help you make a quantum leap forward in your capability.

10 Facing the Cold, Hard TruthCoaching reveals if we are not showing up and putting in the effort that we know needs to be put forth.

The reality is coaching begins with you.  It starts with a desire to improve yourself and others and grows from there. It can become formal or informal, however remember this, the greater your investment, the greater the yield.  Here’s a simple idea to start.  Remember the invitation to this newsletter?  I referenced Simon Senek’s work, “The Most Successful Leaders Have This Person in their Lives”. Senek shares, “Your leadership buddy can be …….. a friend or a mentor who aspires to leadership, as long as it’s someone you believe in and you’re willing to sacrifice your own interests to help.”   A coach can make an incredible difference in your life.  You will realize it the day you look them in the eye and say, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today!”  Have a great week and Embrace the Challenge,

PS: If you were wondering, yes, I have a coach!