Maxwell Maltz

Every Thursday we drive to New Jersey to babysit the Wolfpups (aka our grandchildren), while my son, Chad, and his wife, Laura, attend to their busy schedules. The day is always fun, filled with laughter, and its end comes much too quickly. This past Fall, Chad and Laura decided to put their house on the market and began the search for something nearby, but a little bigger. Two months ago, everything came together; they found what they wanted and were lucky enough to sell their house quickly.  Moving day was now on the horizon.

Over the past few weeks we watched as their home went through its transition.  Each Thursday morning arrival found a garage with a few more boxes pushed into a corner.  As the weeks went by, pictures and mementoes that had become so familiar disappeared from the walls and found their way into more boxes now placed into the corners of every room; each carefully taped and labeled to remind them of what was inside and the room from whence it came.  This past Thursday we arrived to a find everything packed and waiting for the movers. The hardwoods gleamed and the walls echoed the laughter of the “pups” as they ran from room to room chasing each other. The weeks of packing had permitted Chad and Laura to give consideration to all that had been accumulated over the years and discard or give away that which no longer served a purpose or was needed.  What remained was destined to be part of their new home. Everything that was making the voyage to the new house was ready to go.

The movers arrived, and through the afternoon carefully and meticulously emptied the rooms of the furniture and boxes that had been a part of this home.  The “pups” continued to run and play as the rooms opened. Furniture and hidden corners which had once served as a safe haven during “hide and seek” games were revealed.  Tucker, the family’s German Shepherd, wandered the house trying to make sense of this new look. At one point I smiled knowing that a few short years ago the house had welcomed this young family and all of its boxes.  Today it was time to say good-bye and get ready to welcome another family.

Late in the day the movers finished packing and their truck pulled away.  They gave a long blast on the air horn to the “pups” as they stood at the front bay window and waved.  Settlement and move-in day would be tomorrow. Shortly thereafter we went to dinner, enjoyed everyone’s company a little longer, and then returned to the empty house.  The Wolfpack’s last night here would be a family camp-out in the livingroom. I watched as Chad inflated the mattresses and Laura settled the children and got them ready for bed.  We said our goodbyes and headed home. The Wolfpack has found a new den to call their home. A new chapter begins.

Through the course of our lives we are each afforded multiple opportunities to begin new chapters.  Perhaps it’s a personal relationship, a career opportunity, or simply a change in the manner in which we plan to live our life.  It’s much like a moving to a new house. For most of us it is a natural thing to become comfortable with what we have. We enjoy the comfort and security of that which is familiar to us.  In fact we can become invested in it. Moving on is a risk. It is filled with unknowns, it lacks familiarity, but it can also be brimming with rewards. Equally important, moving on doesn’t mean leaving everything behind.  Like Chad and Laura, we need to give consideration to that which we’ve accumulated, discard that which no longer serves a purpose, and carry forward that which will serve us in our new chapter.

Tonight Chad, Laura, and the “Wolfpups” are in their new home.  It was a house two days ago, but now it is home to a family with memories cherished from a previous “den” and excitement about the ones to be made in the new one.  Our lives are no different; moving day always gives us the opportunity to start again.

Embrace the Challenge !