The Resiliency/Grit Challenge: Day 2

The Idea

Resiliency and Grit are learned behaviors that enable us to not only survive, but thrive in the face of adversity.  This is your second of 14 daily messages, each containing an exercise designed to strengthen your development of these two key skills.  Keep a journal, record your reflections and chronicle your growth.

Exercise #2

When we’re going through hard times, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, feel helpless, and start to wonder, “How am I going to make it through this?” It’s important to validate these concerns.  Tell yourself that it’s okay to be scared or feel whatever emotions you might be experiencing. Take a moment and offer some companionship to your feelings.  Gently and kindly acknowledge your pain. Tell your emotions, “I see you, but I won’t let you control me!”

Following acknowledgment and validation, move forward and begin cultivating an awareness of your personal strengths and resources.  Remind yourself that everything you need to get through this is inside of you!  Think about other hardships you have been through, and what personal qualities and skills helped you meet those challenges.  Take a moment to list the capacities that you brought to an earlier situation.  These traits helped you previously; how can they now be used to meet these new challenges?  Now take a moment to read that list, say each one out loud.  Now write them in your journal so that you never forget them.

It’s critical to believe in our abilities, and feel confident in drawing upon them when needed.  While we may never have gone through anything quite like this before, and we may feel uncertain and fearful, that is all okay — as long as we see the bigger picture, which includes the personal skills and capabilities we carry inside. 

Embrace the Challenge!