A Thursday Morning Thought

The Thought

This week has been filled with many moments of darkness that have sought to overtake my mind and create an attitude of despair and hopelessness.  But it has also given me the opportunity to look at my life, see all the good in it, and realize how lucky I am.

As you wrestle with your own darkness, take time to understand your vulnerabilities.  Identify what is hurting or frightening you, and seek to understand why it is bad, why it hurts, or why it frightens you.  Be willing to share and ask for help, for it is only by being vulnerable that we can become courageous. (B. Brown)  

It is imperative during times like these, when the greatest chaos is evident, that we take a moment to breathe, come back to the present moment, and be mindful of everything going on around us.  This is a time that we need to be the most present for others, feel a sense of empathy, and stand ready to listen and help.  Remember, it is in situations such as we are currently experiencing, that the bad carries so much weight, that no matter how good life may be — it still hurts.

No matter how bad things get, or how dark things may be at the moment, remember the good things that surround you.  Never forget about the friends that care about you.  Never forget about the family that loves you with their entire beings. Never forget that God is with us.

The Challenge
Never forget how much you have to be grateful for.

Adapted From the Work of Chris DeGenaars