A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why do we exist? Embrace the Challenge L.L.C. believes that by enriching the lives of others and helping them to build better organizations we help create a more just and caring world. How do we do it? Our operational model is based on a servant leadership philosophy and approach that helps individuals develop and enhance their own leadership skills through the use of individual coaching sessions, staff trainings and a weekly newsletter. What do we do? Embrace the Challenge provides individual and organizational leadership coaching/professional development services.

Rick Wolf provides a wide variety of workshops and trainings. His presentations and coaching sessions inspire participants to use “possibility thinking” as a means of reaching their professional goals.


A true keynote speech is a motivational tool – its sets the overall tone and context for the event. All Keynotes require the speaker to focus on the audience, but a successful keynote presentation requires an even bigger emphasis – it sets the stage and serves to motivate, inspire, and energize the audience. This can only be accomplished through the speaker’s ability to genuinely connect with the audience by sharing common experiences. Rick’s 43 years experience as an educational leader, coach, and mentor have provided him with a wealth of experiences that he is anxious to tailor to your specific needs and share with your organization.


Let’s remember two important things about organizational leadership. (1) Organizations are often defined through the Leadership practices that exist or are painfully absent. (2) Leadership exists at every level of an organization. So, how is your educational entity, business, or non-profit providing opportunities for your organization’s leaders to grow professionally? Rick’s extensive leadership experiences combined with his knowledge and research of the leadership field enables him to design programs that will serve to enhance the skills of your organization’s leaders (at all levels). Likewise, Rick will also work with individuals within your organization as they pursue their personal leadership goals and growth.


As your organization looks to the future, will it be prepared to meet the changes that will be occurring with unprecedented rapidity? Utilizing a comprehensive approach to planning, Rick will help your team develop an understanding of 21st century shifts that will impact your organization and then utilize that information to engage your organization’s stakeholders as they consider ,the Vision, Mission and Shared Values that will serve to guide their Strategic Planning.