It’s Just Around the Corner

Success is just around the corner.
Unfortunately too many give up
right before they’ve made the turn. Don’t be one of them!

“It’s just around the corner!”  Over the years, how many times have you heard that phrase?  I think my earliest memories were my Dad’s responses to the inevitable question that came from the back seat every time we went on a trip, “Are we almost there?  He would respond, “Yep!  It’s just around the corner.”  Fifteen minutes later the same question and response would fill the car!  Little did I realize that I would carry that same question/answer scenario with me for years to come, and it remains with me today.

I’m currently reading Arnold Siveri’s book, Turning the Corner on Life, a book recounting some seventy years of Silveri’s life.  Like any other autobiography, his story is filled with anecdotes about family, friends, and the personal experiences shared.  As I read, my mind keeps going back to my own childhood, time spent in high school and college, the early years of my marriage, career experiences  and even the past few years.  As I think about it, I’ve come to realize that my journey has been guided by the decision to turn at some corners, and to pass by others.  As Robert Frost would say, “And that has made all the difference.”

What I’ve learned is that life is an ongoing journey that constantly offers us opportunities for growth, learning and advancement at every stage.  Likewise, it’s not a journey to be hurried, it is one to be savored.  I’m in no hurry to reach my final destination (death).   By being open to new experiences and embracing change, I grow and develop, becoming a better version of myself.

I’ve also learned that the opportunities in our lives are not limited to specific moments in time, but are present throughout our life.  Had someone told me at age 60 that I would be publishing weekly blogs and authoring a book at 70, I would have laughed it off.  I guess the laugh was on me.  What this means is that we each have the power to shape our own destiny and create our own opportunities, regardless of current circumstances.  However, it also implies that we must be proactive in our search for opportunities, as they often appear as obstacles!

So how do you know when to turn the corner and embrace the opportunity?  Simple, having an awareness of the values that guide your life and a clear sense of purpose.  Having a clear understanding of what we want to achieve in life, and what we value, enables us to make informed decisions about which opportunities to pursue.  Likewise this sense of purpose can also provide the motivation and direction needed to persevere through the challenges that will be encountered along the way.

Life is a journey filled with opportunities at every turn. The successful journey will begin with a positive and open mindset, coupled with a clear sense of purpose enabling us to make the most of the opportunities found on every corner. The experiences and lessons gained along the way will be just as important as the destination. And by embracing the opportunities that life presents, we can grow and develop in ways that are meaningful, fulfilling and lead to a rich and fulfilling  journey……..”Dad, are we almost there?”  He smiled and replied, “Boys, it’s just around the corner!”

Embrace the Challenge.