Creating the New Normal

“Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all.”

                                                                                                  – Emily Dickinson

How do you start your day?  My Sunday evening coach, Slater, is the VP of Sales for a Philadelphia-based concrete company.  His office is located about an hour away.  On any given morning he is up at 4:00 AM to hit the gym and complete a morning workout prior to heading for Philly.  He will grab his first coffee of the day as he heads out the door. 

A Thursday Morning Thought

The Thought

In the depths of winter,
I finally learned that within me
there lay an invincible summer.

                                                                     – Albert Camus

The Challenge

How can we grow in times like this?  What can we learn from the challenges that now confront us on a daily basis?   We can develop a new habit; learning to recognize the benefits that come with challenge.

Our natural tendency is to think of challenges as the mountain that stands between us and our destination. That seems like a negative thing at first glance, but ask any mountain climber what they gain from conquering such rough terrain and you will see a smile.   …

It’s Still Beautiful

This transformation we are enduring is painful, 

But we are not falling apart.

We are just falling into something different,

With a new capacity to be better than we were.

My grandparents and parents faced the challenges of the Great Depression and World War II.  Today, we are facing equally compelling challenges, and as in the past, witnessing a nation’s perseverance.   First responders, medical personnel and so many others are putting their own lives in jeopardy to treat and save others. 

A Thursday Morning Thought

The Thought

This week has been filled with many moments of darkness that have sought to overtake my mind and create an attitude of despair and hopelessness.  But it has also given me the opportunity to look at my life, see all the good in it, and realize how lucky I am.

As you wrestle with your own darkness, take time to understand your vulnerabilities.  Identify what is hurting or frightening you, and seek to understand why it is bad, why it hurts, or why it frightens you. 

A Better Tomorrow

You have power over your mind – 

Not outside events.

Realize this and you will find strength

                                                                                                     – Marcus Aurelius

It was 1962 and I was in 6th grade.  I have vague memories of sitting at the desk in my bedroom completing homework assignments, while my parents were downstairs in the living room watching President John F. Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis Speechin which he announced the implementation of a strict quarantine halting the shipment of offensive military equipment to Cuba.