The key for attaining “Someday Dreams” Is called Urgency
Think how you can create that urgency, and turn
“Someday” into “Today

                                                                                                 –  Tal Gu

Have you have encountered one of the following situations, or one like it?
  • You stand at the deli counter of your favorite store needing only one or two items.  There are two clerks, and one is slowly and carefully rewrapping a piece of cheese that was recently cut, while the other is reviewing orders that have been phoned in. 


“In the midst of movement and chaos, 
keep stillness inside of you.” 

                                                    – Deepak Chopra

It’s 12:43 AM on a Wednesday morning and I’m sitting here writing this week’s post.  The night air is getting cool, so I lit the fire pit.  It’s light, along with the candles lining the perimeter of the deck illuminate my work area.   The cicadas and crickets provide an almost white background noise, and periodically I will hear the sounds of a truck rumbling down a nearby highway. 


The secret of your success
Is determined by your daily agenda!
                                             –  John Maxwell

So what’s on your agenda for the week?  It will be shortened due to Labor Day, but if you are like so many others I know, a shortened week simply means that five days of work will be accomplished in four.  Miriam Webster gives us two definitions for the word, “Agenda”, (1) a list or outline of things to be done; (2) an underlying often ideological plan or program. 


“Every new beginning comes
from some other beginning’s end.”

Friday evening, like countless others across our nation, I attended our high school’s  opening football game. Fans wore their maroon and gold, we rang the stadium bell, the band played the alma mater and National Anthem, and the game was underway.  It was a beautiful late summer evening following a day of rain and gray skies.  Almost by divine providence the last rays of the sun lit the field as the opening kick-off initiated a new season. 


“Leadership is turning toward the discomfort 

that everyone else avoids.”

Two days ago I received an email from my coach encouraging me to enter, “The Discomfort Zone”.  It almost makes you laugh to think that someone would invite you to experience discomfort, but the reality is, it’s a necessary step that must be taken for improvement.  It’s also something most of us won’t do unless prompted.  In my case I needed to come to grips with the reasons I was avoiding certain workouts and some issues with my dietary habits.