We make a living
by what we get.
We make a life
By what we give!

                          – Winston S. Churchill

Here we are, the end of another year.  It seems that not so long ago we were considering the opportunities that would face us in the year to come.  If you recall, my pre-New Year post last December, Looking Back as We Move Forward, encouraged you to let your reflections on the past year guide the selection of the goals you will establish for yourself in 2018.…

It’s the time of year when we become preoccupied with the purchase and exchange of gifts.  When opening gifts, all too often we focus on what’s inside.  This year, take a moment to think about the love and care that went into the selection of the gift. Perhaps that’s even beautiful than what you will find when you remove the wrapping paper.

I read once of a wise angel who shared that happiness is not found in money or success, but rather in meaningful work, good health, and love.  This is wonderfully illustrated by a beautiful story of a small child’s gift of love to her father.  May the holidays bring you happiness, love, and the joy of family and friends!…



“The moment you take responsibility
for everything in your life,
is the moment you can change
anything in your life.” 
-Hal Elrod

Last week I was provided with the opportunity to spend Saturday afternoon with a group of very talented young men and women who want to improve their golf game.  …



“Small Cheer and Merry Welcome Makes a Great Feast!”

                                                          – William Shakespeare

Today is December 9th.  For many, the next few weeks will be a challenge. In addition to business or organizational “year-end expectations”, the weeks will be filled with family events, shopping, social gatherings, religious ceremonies and a host of other demands.  Is it any wonder that some call this the most stressful time of year?  So how can we avoid or lessen it during the holidays?Workplace stress is a common and costly problem for businesses.  …

“People don’t buy what you do,

they buy why you do it”
                                                             – Simon Sinek

On Saturday I led our church’s vestry retreat.  Our Rector asked that I structure the presentation to encourage participants to better understand their own leadership, in addition to that which they provide our parish. The morning session enabled each vestry member to pursue a series of activities that had them reflect on their own spirituality, study a collection of leadership statements, and watch a series of interviews captured in a University of Sydney video entitled, What is Leadership