He Was Just Passing Through

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do.”

Normally we hold three church services each Sunday. The spoken service begins at 8:00 AM. The liturgy is identical to the 10:30 service, except there is no music. Some think of it as the express service; morning prayer, a sermon and communion, all in 45 minutes.  The Rise and Shine service begins at 9:00 and is designed for young families. …

Rest in Peace Coach

 “To hope under the most extreme circumstances
is an act of defiance that permits a person
to live his life on his own terms.”

                                                                                                    -John Groopman      


In his book, Courage is Calling, Ryan Holiday writes, “Just about the craziest, bravest thing you can do in this damned world of ours is keep hoping, because there are so many reasons not to:  The pain, the failures, and the good guys who get punished.  It’s so easy to say, “What’s the point? 

Never Forget

“No day shall erase you 
from the memory of time” – Virgil

Last evening a friend posted the following on Facebook:

Twenty-one years ago, millions of Americans went to bed quietly with no thought that the next morning their world would change forever.  That night, hundreds packed flight bags they would not live to open.  Thousands slept with loved ones for the last time.  One never knows what a new day has in store.  Let us live each day to the fullest and never miss a chance to let those dearest to us know of our love for them. 

Do I Have Your Word ?

“Words are the building blocks of our existence, 
they reflect the integrity of their creator.”

I think it was 34 years ago this month that we made the purchase.  I had always admired the property.  It was on a corner lot with a large yard, a deck that wrapped around the house and a stream running through the back of the property.  However, its best feature was the location.  Standing on the front lawn, it looked to be about 200 yards to the pin (It’s actually 227). 

Things That Last

“Some things don’t last forever,
but some things do”  – Sarah Dessen

I’m currently reading Wright Thompson’s, Pappyland, a delightful book that chronicles how Julian Van Winkle III, the third-generation caretaker of arguably the most coveted cult Kentucky Bourbon whiskey in the world, Pappy Van Winkle, protected his family’s legacy and preserved the taste of his family’s namesake product; quite a feat in a world where authenticity is in limited availability.

My son introduced me to the book.  We were sitting at the beach and as he closed it said, You might want to read this Dad.