Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day

“You will never have this day again,

So make it count!”

Wednesday morning I accompanied my wife on her pre-dawn excursion to watch the sunrise.  The morning was cool, and the humidity had created a morning dew that quickly soaked my shoes.  The day’s quiet was only broken by the sound of some ducks and geese.  As I watched the sun slowly make its appearance over a small pond, I marvelled at the beauty of the morning.  At the moment, all was right with the world.


                 “We rise by lifting others!”

I remember reading this story many years ago:

It’s the mid 70’s and a 30-something man makes his way across the Golden Gate Bridge.  He’s passed by pedestrians and cyclists, and steps around tourists taking pictures of Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the channel of water below that runs between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  He gazes up at the reddish-orange towers soaring above, and then climbs over the bridge’s four-foot safety railing.  He steps out onto a 32-inch wide beam known as “the chord,” pauses, takes one last long look out at the bay, and then jumps. 

Finding Meaning

                   “There is no greater gift you can give someone in grief, 

                       than to ask them about their loved one, and then truly listen”

– David Kessler

It’s Saturday evening and I’m putting the finishing touches on this post.  To be honest, it’s become a part of the weekend routine; throw something on the grill for dinner and then retire to the deck to proof and finish this week’s piece.  Later tonight I will light the candles, do some reading, and enjoy a bourbon and cigar with Harry. 

Going Green While Grieving

Grief does not change you,

It reveals you!

                                                                                               John Green,
                                                                                               The Fault in Our Stars 

It seems that it was just yesterday that we were talking about the importance of “Going Green”.  For businesses it meant reducing the overall environmental impact of the organization, and combining those initiatives with energy efficiency measures that conserve the earth’s resources, thus making the organization more efficient and sustainable.  For individuals and communities it could be as simple as living a life that is friendly to the natural environment and sustainable for the earth.

Lessons of the Father

No matter what our successes in life, 

They will pale in comparison to the feats

of the Father.

He took the Paoli local everyday, and got home around 6:00 PM after spending the day at the office in Philadelphia.  Mom would have dinner ready and we would spend the next hour talking about the day.  He kept his suit on, because Dad’s day was not over.  Around 7:15 he would leave again for an evening appointment with a client or prospect.