“When we forget old friends, 
it is a sign we have forgotten ourselves.”

 – William Hazlitt 

Two weeks ago I attended the 50th reunion of my high school class.  We had over 500 members in our class, and the event was attended by over 200.  For me, it was both a joyful and sobering evening.  I really had not kept in touch or seen many of them since the day we received our diplomas, and it was wonderful to be with them again. 


“It is the long history of humankind and animal kind
that those who learned to collaborate and 
improvise most effectively have prevailed.”
                                                     – Charles Darwin  
There are two terms that, of recent, seem to be increasingly utilized as traits associated with successful 21st century businesses; sustainability and collaboration.  Sustainability can be broadly defined as the ability to exist constantly and continually.  In the 21st century it is generally referred to as the ability of the biosphere and human civilization to co-exist. 


When we die, it will not be the size of
our bank account that it is remembered;
It will be the deposits we put into
bettering the lives of others.

John has been gone for about two months now, and I still look for him every time I enter the club.  He left us early, but I think it was what he wanted. It certainly wasn’t what we wanted, but then again,  John was never one to do something simply to go along with the crowd. 


Everything in your life is a reflection

Of a choice you have made.

If you want a different result, 

You will need to make different choices”

Fall is in the air!  The sun rises later now and darkness lingers as I walk to the mailbox to get the newspaper.  As I exhale, I can see my breath in the morning’s early light. To the west, the moon is still visible, as the sun rises and its rays begin to melt the frost that will now bring an end to many of the plants that brought us summer’s colors. 


“If you want to get along,
                  You have to go along”        

                                                                                        –  Sam Rayburn, 43rd Speaker 

                                                                                          US House of Representatives

Considering the activities of the past week in Washington, we can again revisit the phrase, “Half of knowing what something is, is knowing what it’s not.”  With this in mind, let’s consider the idea of compromise, finding a middle ground, or whatever you want to call it.  Washington is polarized, as it seems is much of the rest of the nation.