To the Core

“My definition of success: When your core values and self-concept are in harmony with your daily actions and behaviors.”

                                                                                                      —John Spence

I’m currently working  with the leadership team of an organization that is investing time to revisit its core values and mission.  At our first session, I drew upon the work of Collins and Poras (Built to Last) which identifies an organization’s core values as the guiding principles for behaviors and decisions which, over time, will serve to preserve its essence and foster endurance and success. 

What are You Waiting For?

“A person can change his future
by merely changing his attitude.” 
                                                                                                         -Earl Nightingale

A number of years ago I attended a seminar presented by Richard Schell, a professor at Penn’s Wharton School of Business.  Following his presentation, I had the opportunity to speak with him informally.  We shared life stories, our “takes” on current events, and pictures of our children and grandchildren.  He made one comment in particular that struck me; “Rick, I believe we both have come to understand what success and happiness are at 65. 

We Can Still Be Grateful

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

                                                                                              – Robert Frost

I sat in Church this morning still unsure of the content for this week’s newsletter.  It was a busy week and much has transpired over the past seven days that might lead one to travel down what I would call the “Darker Path”. 

A Passing

“That person is a success who has left the world
better than they found it; who looked for the best in
others and gave the best they had”

He died last Thursday following a ten year battle with cancer.  His thoughts and words linger.  He was a giant of a man, not only physically, but through the ideas he shared with his students and the rest of the world.  His research and theories laid the groundwork for a school of thought that is changing the nature of business. 

The Power of One

“It is better to be wrong than simply to follow convention.  If you are wrong, no matter, you have learned something and you grow stronger.  If you are right, you have taken another step toward a fulfilling life.”
                                                                                               – Bryce Courtenay

Last Tuesday I attended a breakfast meeting hosted by Habitat for Humanity of Berks County.  The early morning session began like so many others, with attendees networking, engaging in casual discussion, and enjoying breakfast and fellowship.  Following the meal, the Executive Director and a member of Habitat’s Board made a short presentation designed to provide attendees with an update regarding projects recently completed and those in planning.