It’s All Code to Me

“When faith is lost, when honor dies,
The man is dead!”

                                              – John Greenleaf Whittier

When I arrived home Wednesday evening, I quickly turned on the TV in hopes of catching the end of the baseball game; I was too late. The Astros had defeated the Red Sox and the commentators were focussing on the upcoming game to be played Friday in Houston.  Not being a fan of post-game commentators, I grabbed the channel changer and stumbled upon an old favorite, The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise. …

It’s Routine

When we try to juggle everything, we can’t enjoy anything! 
Put it all down and take a few moments to enjoy life!

It was a conversation with my friend Rudy, coupled with a book I recently finished, that serves as the inspiration for my writing this week.  On Wednesday morning I called Rudy to discuss a few details regarding a project we are pursuing.  During the conversation he asked, “Are you working from your deck?”  I laughed and answered in the affirmative. …

Raising the Bar

“You can’t raise the bar for others,
if you haven’t raised it for yourself.”

                                                               – John Maxwell

When was the last time you raised the bar?  Mind you, I’m not asking when was the last time someone else raised it for you, rather I want to know how recently you heightened expectations for your own personal performance –  as a person.  Did that surprise you?  When we hear the term “raise the bar”, most of us assume that the discussion is focused on our performance at work, an athletic endeavor or some other behavior that can be quantified. …

The Conversation

Be brave enough 
to start a conversation that matters!

                                                                                                        – Dau Voire

We’ve all had one, and in all likelihood we’ve been on both the giving and receiving end.  It’s called a courageous conversation, and in most cases it’s not something to which most of us look forward.  Why is that?  The reasons vary but one of the most commonly cited is fear.  This emotion is present in these conversations for any number of reasons. When on the receiving end, we often fear losing something such as position or status. …

WHat Do You Need

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
                                                         – Albert Pike

It’s been almost two months since Father John retired, and in his absence I’ve been provided with an opportunity to better understand what it means to serve others.  This “revelation” if you will, can be attributed to the service being rendered by people like Midge, Cliff, Vicki, Ellen, Terri, David and so many others members of my Church who have pulled together and continue to volunteer their time and efforts to assure that our ministries continue and the needs of our congregation and community are met. …